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Lose Weight – With Lasers

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6 comments to Lose Weight – With Lasers

  • fredeliot2

    There is also the ridiculous claim that the laser treatment will cure allergies. This was promoted on a local TV station. I wrote to them that such claims could cause someone to die, as yet I have not received a reply.

  • springer.adam

    I don’t think their fancy blanket is our only exposure to infared… so mabie all of us are supposed to be three hundred pounds heavier right now if not for this wonderful wave!

  • Jim Shaver

    “Lose Weight – With Lasers”

    I’m reminded of a cartoon drawing that shows a middle-aged man in profile with a huge pot belly, standing in his doctor’s office. The doctor has drawn a black, dashed line on the man’s chest and abdomen, in the shape of a fit, muscular, young man. The caption reads, “You see, it’s quite simple, Mr. Smith. We just draw the outline, and the laser does the rest.”

  • dcardani

    In my part of the world (Los Angeles), they have Laser Therapy to help you stop smoking. They claim that the lasers work the same as needles in acupuncture. Gee, thanks! That clears it up!

  • DLC

    Couldn’t we just have stopped at the Sharks with Lasers ?

  • The Blind Watchmaker

    If they are looking to increase body heat to “burn” calories, they are barking up the wrong tree. “Burning” calories through exercise creates heat. Our bodies have to then try to get rid of the excess heat through sweating.

    Heat is not what is doing the job. Heat is a byproduct of exercise. Adding external heat does no good.

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