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Fun With Reiki

Today has been all about reiki, for me. First, I wrote a post for Bostonist criticizing the Boston Globe for shamelessly promoting reiki practitioners while ignoring the (lack of) scientific evidence.

Then, I joined in on the live chat with a reiki practitioner, hosted by the Globe. Surprisingly, a lot of my questions got through, and a lot of my fellow skeptics who joined me after seeing me Twitter about it. Check out some screenshots and the full transcript over on Skepchick.

1 comment to Fun With Reiki

  • I knew someone who was “into” reiki, and swore by it.
    I gently quizzed her about it, and rapidly came to several conclusions:
    1) She was fundamentally ignorant about both Reiki and of what ‘evidence” consisted.
    2) This was one of two ways in which she could feel important in our small village community due to her (lack of) education & temperament:
    She could be a ‘witch’ or an ‘alternative to medicine’ pretender.
    She chose the latter.

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