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Body PH Quackery

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6 comments to Body PH Quackery

  • Simple answers to complex questions. It’s an excellent tool to appeal to the intellectually lazy side of human beings. It’s also the reason religion is so successful. Why learn all that “hard” science and math? God did it.

    Anything that promotes the lowest energy state of the mind and can, at the same time, remain at least remotely (much stress on “remotely”) plausible, will tend to proliferate: religion, paranormal claims, and these types of health claims. Yes, there are attempts at “proving” these claims, but I don’t think that proof is anything that people make these claims are really interested in.

    All they really seek is confirmation. And that, as we all know, is not how science works.

  • … more specifically, they seek anecdotal confirmation.

  • Edanator

    John: Ask your friend to try the pH test on himself. This could lead to a good discussion that may get him out of the MLM before any serious damage has been done.

  • DLC

    Simple answer to complex woo-based pyramid scheme: No.
    Say No. go to reliable web sites such as this, or quackwatch and look up the refutation of such scams and then go back to your friends and let them know that it’s a scam, and why.
    sometimes all you can do is tell them that treatment/supplement/product x has not been proven scientifically to work. Unfortunately, sometimes this will not be enough. Remember that you’re fighting the good fight, and that even if not all your less-skeptical friends believe you, you have at least struck a blow for rationality. Oh, and, take it from me — no matter what, don’t allow their ignorance or credulousness get the better of you. Calm, reasonable or even jovial debunking will work better than angry “what, are you an idiot! don’t you see this shit doesn’t work!?” type counter-attacks.

  • Friggertool

    Google Stephan’s Curve. Basically oral pH is affected mainly by acidogenic bacteria in dental plaque lowering it when exposed to mono/di saccharides (sugars). The flow of saliva will tend to neutralise the acidity as it is rich in bicarbonate ions. However, this takes time. After ingesting sugar there is around a 20-30 minute lag before pH returns to normal. Simply testing oral pH as a measure of general health is like asking when you last farted.

  • […] S. (2008). Body PH Quackery. The Rogues Gallery: The Official Blog of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe. Accessed: 2012-08-20. […]

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