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What Happens When Clergy Lose Their Faith?

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1 comment to What Happens When Clergy Lose Their Faith?

  • spreetin

    Not commenting on the the project itself, I do find your description of the difficulty it’s trying to address to be a bit distanced from the quote you use as a basis for it.

    What Lynn is describing don’t sound like a problem of her being ostracized from friends and family if she confesses to her unbelief (that could be the case, but the evidence at hand don’t give basis for that conclusion), but rather a problem of her being out of a job if she does the same. Of course one can’t be a member of the clergy (or other religious pastoral office) if one doesn’t believe in what the church that one is employed by teaches and believes.

    So even though one can, and should, feel for a person finding herself in that kind of a position, I find it to be blatantly wrong to describe the problem at hand that you are talking about as a deficit of freedom of thought and expression. It is a situation of not being able to take employment preaching what one does not believe.

    I would say that the problem is very much akin to a true believer spirit medium that comes to the understanding that what she does is wrong not being able to continue her current work in good faith.

    A swedish listener, fan and skeptic, and also a christian.

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