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The Secular Movement’s Position on Women’s Rights

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2 comments to The Secular Movement’s Position on Women’s Rights

  • Absatively poselutely righteous Rebecca. I think too many atheist/skeptic groups are so timid politically.

  • Red McWilliams

    Of course, you’re spot on Rebecca and I think this highlights the shortcoming of the ‘we don’t get involved in political topics’ attitude that many science minded people adopt. The woo practitioners have no problem mixing their psudoscience with politics and if the scientifically literate aren’t willing to wade into that arena, public policy will continued to be shaped by magical thinking.

    One other issue I think this showcases is how fragmented the skeptic/non believer/whatever movement really is. Aside from agreeing that dinosaurs didn’t live at the same time as humans, many of us have very disparate ideas about how things do and should work. There are plenty of skeptics who agree with many of the anti-choice bills being proposed, so we have to decide how to proceed as a group in light of that. Do we ‘live with’ the people with those views because they agree that the Earth is more than 10,000 years old, or do we start fracturing and only rarely come together for a few causes?

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