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The Naked Truth Never Looked So Good!

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5 comments to The Naked Truth Never Looked So Good!

  • Konstanty

    An NSFW warning would be nice.

  • No blog entry today, just a picture?

  • BGoode85

    I registered just so I could complain. I get this blog on Google Reader and this page came up at work. WTF Evan?! I love boobs as much as the next guy but come on!

  • DiscordianStooge

    I’m sure the christian world has a much more liberal view of her photos. Clearly her christian mother loves and supports her daughter’s decis… oh, wait.

  • gdjsky01

    What? No saliva drooling, caustic, over the top, radical, miss-the-point, feminist, rant from the skepchicks on this misogynistic (not) content? What a refreshing change!!!

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