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The Naked Truth Never Looked So Good!

You may have read (or rather, seen) the news from a few weeks ago about a Muslim woman posing inside (and on the cover) of the German edition of Playboy magazine. Ever since, threats against Sila Sahin have come pouring in from Mulsims worldwide, her condemnation seems far-reaching amongst those that thump their Koran.

The Turkish actress, who now resides and works in Germany, has been labeled a “whore” and a “western slut” by those that would rather seen her buried neck-deep in the earth and have rocks hurled at her head until she dies, rather than see her naked body in a magazine. Outspoken advocates of Islam have deemed that Sahin has “shamed Muslin womanhood.” Sahin’s mother and others in her family have apparently broken off contact with her, they are so embarrased and ashamed of her display of individuality and freedom. Ah Islam, what a nice religion!

But wait, there is one catch.  Sila Sahin is not a Muslim.  D’oh!

According to German Playboy’s Editor-in-Chief, Sahin’s father does not belong to any religion and her mother is Christian. Does this mean we are going to see a retraction of the threats and insults being hurled at Sahin? Don’t hold your breath.  Despite her non-Muslimness, the ever-so-tolerant (tongue-firmly-implanted-in-cheek) Islamic religious community is unlikely to change their positions and opinions of Sahin.

“What I want to say with these photos is, ‘Girls, we don’t have to live according to the rules imposed upon us’,” Sahin said. Damn right, you go girl!  Although I do not have any official capacity to do so, I am unofficially declaring that Sila Sahin is an “Honorary Skepchick” in hopes that her bravery, her guts, and most importantly, her natural right of freedom resonates with skeptics, both men and women, everywhere.

PS – Osama Bin Laden was not available for comment.  Ha!

5 comments to The Naked Truth Never Looked So Good!

  • Konstanty

    An NSFW warning would be nice.

  • No blog entry today, just a picture?

  • BGoode85

    I registered just so I could complain. I get this blog on Google Reader and this page came up at work. WTF Evan?! I love boobs as much as the next guy but come on!

  • DiscordianStooge

    I’m sure the christian world has a much more liberal view of her photos. Clearly her christian mother loves and supports her daughter’s decis… oh, wait.

  • gdjsky01

    What? No saliva drooling, caustic, over the top, radical, miss-the-point, feminist, rant from the skepchicks on this misogynistic (not) content? What a refreshing change!!!

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