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The ChaMan

With our SGU-24 show rapidly approaching, I’ve been busy at work doing show-prep. It has cut in to some of my blogging time, so my next few blog posts will be a shorter than normal. Fortunately, there are little news item out there that deserve recognition without a need to delve too deeply.

For instance, one of my not-so-favorite world leaders, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, was diagnosed with cancer some time ago. He made headlines by heading off to Cuba earlier this year to receive treatment for what is believed to be colon cancer.

Yesterday Chavez’s cancer made headlines again when it was reported that shamans from tribes from the jungles of Venezuela held ceremonies in the presidential palace in order to help in the fight against Chavez’s illness.

It is unclear if the gesture is a real attempt at treatment, or if Chavez just being respectful to the indigenous people that inhabit Venezuela’s less modernized parts of the country.

However, the takeaway quote from the article reads:

“The cancer was removed, and with the power of god and all the gods it has gone and will never return,” said Chavez.

It is difficult to contend another country’s leader and their appeal to antiquity, because it is just as likely that a President of the United States stricken with a disease would turn to religion as part of their “healing” process.

Enough said, but for the record, the tribes in Venezuela participating in the ceremonies – they are The Ye’kuana, The Jivi, and The Wayuu tribes. Click on the hotlinks for the Wiki entries to learn more about them.

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