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Scientology Becoming Clear…er

If life is a game, Scientology gives you the tools to play it with a stacked deck and win consistently. Scientology has enabled me to make my dreams come true, really. I know that it can do the same for anyone. It is a rocket ride to spiritual freedom.

Jason Beghe – Class V OT V

Actor Jason Beghe, a once avid follower of the Church of Scientology, has recently left the church and made a video that exposes Scientology. He joined the Church in 1994 and has made his way up the ladder to join the ranks of top scientologists like Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley and Travolta.

“Scientology is destructive, and a rip-off.” – Jason Beghe

Beghe at one time was used as the famous talent in several Scientology promotional videos and he had been with the Church long enough to rise to the top. What was happening behind the scenes was that he started to notice Scientology did not follow through with it’s promises.

“If Scientology is real then something is fucked up.” – Jason Beghe

He gives an example of a church member who had obtained the status of “CLEAR” OT 8 and was suffering from migraine headaches. During the video he explains that migraines are caused by engrams. Something that a CLEAR should have literally cleared from themselves.

“Let me meet a mother fucking clear.” – Jason Beghe

Beghe finally came to the conclusion that the Church was lying about the perks and he contacted Andreas Heldal-Lund, the founder of Operation Clambake, an anti-scientology organization. This resulted in Heldal-Lund and Mark Bunker conducting a 3 hour interview with Beghe, 3 minutes of which are available as a teaser on YouTube.

I’m sure they are planning to release the full interview and hopefully it will get the attention of the mass media. I am nearly jumping out of my seat from this news!

“The further you go up the bridge the worse you get.” – Jason Beghe

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