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Belief In Nonsense Kills – Yet Again

Every week there seems to be a new report of people dying due to the harmful effects of irrational beliefs and pseudoscience.

However, when a child is killed as a result, it strikes a nerve in people that propels us to the peaks of anger, frustration, sadness, or some combination of them all at the same time.

A 4 year old boy is dead in Russia, the victim of a horrible belief in some of the greatest nonsense to ever plague humans. The boy had pneumonia, but instead of receiving real medical assistance, the parents brought him to a shaman who performed an exorcism. The boy stopped breathing during the ritual.

It is likely the boy died as a result of the pneumonia rather than any physcial abuse that some exorcists are known to employ, but it doesn’t matter. Delay or refusal of medical attention due to the parent’s belief in magic is what killed that boy.

Angy. Frustrated. Sad.

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