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Junk Mail

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13 comments to Junk Mail

  • jcreigh

    I had a hard time trying to determine if that website is satire. I’ve reached the tentative conclusion that they’re serious, simple because of the large amount of material available.

    Although I suppose the comparision to ID works either way, it’s even better if they’re serious.

  • Exzyleph

    That’s nothing. Check the two volues of “Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right”:

    It even got a positive review by one of the guys behind geocentricity.com:
    There exists no better exposition of the history and science of geocentrism. Very highly recommended and a must for all those interested in the issues surrounding geocentrism today” (Gerardus Bouw, Ph.D., Astronomy)

  • Muero

    Please tell me you are getting the free book! I would love a review of it, if you can make it through without going crazy or giving up hope in humanity.

  • If this is real, it’s a poignant case of bending reality to fit deeply held beliefs. I wonder how they explain the periods of apparent retrograde motion of the planets.

    At least they aren’t trying to argue that the earth is flat…

  • Derek the K

    What a great website. Evolution is 4000 year old Babylonian mythology, but rocks can transform into new species. Completely logical.

    Its like these people are allergic to reason.

  • I hate it when creationists crap on my day.

  • rrichard

    What I really, truly want to see is their answer to the space program. I’m hoping for a long screed about the faked moon landing and some really crazy stuff when it comes to satellites and space shuttles.

  • i call Poe’s law on this one.

  • DLC

    Uh . . . right . . . After all, Heliocentrism is Just a Theory . . . Should I expect these people to start up a movement to “Teach the Controversy”?

    For pwnagepanda: I wish it was Poe’s law, but I don’t think so.

  • w_nightshade

    Wow, there are some excellent logical fllacy examples in there. It’s like an issue of Highlights for Children… “Can you find them all?”

  • mattdick

    Why do so many of these insane-crank websites use that same starfield as their background? There must be something in the delusional mind that is drawn to repeating patterns of white dots on a black background…

  • trumpetess

    I just can’t get over the fact that all their “evidence” is taken from a book whose authors can’t even be verified. So the Bible is written by God, and everything in it is the absolute truth because someone said so? And THIS is what all their “science” is based on?! But no, they pick and choose which things to take literally. They’re obviously not saying that the earth is flat, yet that is what it says in the Bible! Have these people ever stepped into a physics class??

    Wow…just, wow. This makes me sick.

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