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Have You Seen This Man?

Attention to all of our readers in Nigeria! Please be on the look out for this car thief.  He is described as a white quadruped, bearded and hoofed, with a singular vocabulary and a penchant for eating grass, devouring fibers, and stealing Mazdas.  He is considered horned and dangerous. He might shoot milk in your direction, so please, if you see the suspect, call the authorities immediately or call reporters at The Vanguard newspaper.  They are the ones that initially reported the crime.  Here is the story, courtesy of Breitbart, in its entirety.

There is really not a whole lot to be said from the halls of science about this claim. It is just another reminder, albeit a humorous one in this case, that there are parts of the world where belief in magic and superstition not only outweigh science and rational thought, but science and rational thought are downright absent. Today it is a report about people transforming into goats using black magic.  Tomorrow we will read about children that are tortured and killed because adults think they are witches.

Medieval beliefs yield medieval results.

13 comments to Have You Seen This Man?

  • Drum Billet

    An outlaw goat, eh?

    His name wouldn’t be Billy the Kid would it?

  • Perfect! Wish I had thought of that …

  • IPVlazy

    Haha that is comical, stepping into these countries is like stepping into a time machine, such primitive believe systems, I guess if you give them a few hundred years they will realize as well how unbelievable these things really are.

  • Traveler

    “He might shoot milk in your direction…”

    It must be black magic if a male goat is shooting milk. Or maybe that’s not milk.

  • Antoneh

    One of my friends is Nigerian and she tells me about the religious defference between the Ibo (her catholic tribe) and the Yoruba who she says are Muslim, both tribes that reside in Nigeria. When I showed her this article she insisted that it was the Yoruba who not only believed in medival superstition but also corrupted the country. I dont think that this kind of medival thinking is limited to the Yoruba since she is a vehement creationist!

    haha im sorry Chami but I cant keep my feelings trapped inside! lol

  • dcardani

    “It is just another reminder, albeit a humorous one in this case, that there are parts of the world where belief in magic and superstition not only outweigh science and rational thought, but science and rational thought are downright absent.”

    I wouldn’t think it was so funny if it had been my car that was stolen! I’d be pretty ticked off that the police were being so stupid!

  • chionactis

    “The newspaper reported that police paraded the goat before journalists, and published a picture of the animal.”

    It sounds like he didn’t take full advantage of his new form. If he lingered long enough to be “paraded” around in front of journalists, instead of beating a hasty retreat, then they probably could have captured or shot him. Why not put the goat in jail and wait for him to change back into a human?

  • chionactis

    OK, I jumped the gun. The article at the following URL says the goat IS being detained: http://allafrica.com/stories/200901230367.html

  • gr8googlymoogly

    Is this any worse that Catholics believing the a small piece of bread turns into the body of their Jesus? And the Catholics then actually EAT Jesus!! At least the African nations gave up cannibalism (officially) a while back!

  • irishjazz

    The goat connection makes this a logical place to put in a plug for Pope Brock’s very amusing “Charlatan” – the story of an early 20th century swindler who made a fortune implanting gonads from a goat very like Billy the Kid here into gullible American citizens.

    As for the great googly’s cheap shot about cannibalism comment above… there are many, many things wrong with the Catholic Church, but actually believing they are ingesting human flesh is not one of them. The communion ritual represents early Christian ideas about the “body” of the church- referenced as the “Communion of Saints” in the Lord’s Prayer. Those receiving the snack have to go through a process called “confirmation” that explains this to them. (Not that all get it… it’s a confusing theology as last years cracker kerfuffle demonstrated.)

    And what is with the parenthesis in the African nations giving up cannibalism. (Are you referring, perchance, to the sizable population African Catholics?)

  • gr8googlymoogly

    irishjazz – I was raised Catholic. You may be surprised to find out that not ALL Catholics are taught the symbolic nature of the sacrament of communion. We were told that it was REALLY the body of christ – no symbolism. I find it hard to believe that the church I attended was the only church in the entire world that subscribed to a literal interpretation. Also, the sacrament of communion is not isolated to Catholicism. There are many other christians that subscribe to the literal interpretation of communion… and for that matter, the entire bible. My cheap shot is against all of those who would ridicule this man-goat story, yet still go to their church/temple/synagogue/mosque and pray to the great sky daddy every week. Our society is not as far advanced from these Nigerians as we would want to believe.

  • irishjazz

    O gr8 one…

    They simply neglected to tell you what the “body of Christ” meant in the theology- a bit of philosophical legerdemain that makes turning a cracker into divine flesh seem like child’s play.

    It is a bit culturally relativistic to equate appeals to a transcendent deity with believing in a car-stealing goat, but I accept your point. Even so, every step toward rationality is a step in the right direction. But humans are so deeply, creatively silly that I doubt that mere disbelief in another level of nonsense is the cure.

  • Personally, I think the police should give him a roasting…

    or a grilling if you prefer, then serve him up with a red wine sauce, maybe a few sautéed potatoes and some asparagus.

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