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Cast Out Them Demons, Ah Gar-on-tee

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4 comments to Cast Out Them Demons, Ah Gar-on-tee

  • tsnark

    Lest you forget, the good people of Metairie, LA elected David Duke as a US representative back in the late 80s.

    New Orleans is (or was: I haven’t been there since Katrina), such a mix of races and cultures that it should surprise no one that their politics reflect more of the same.

    Where else can you get a tour of such a symbol of Catholicism as the St. Louis Cathedral, and a bastion of science as the Aquarium of the Americas in the same afternoon? Lots of places, I suppose. But did I mention the tour guide was an “initiated” Voodoo priestess? Whatever that means.

  • llysenwi

    Ok, the article was in 1994, the “exorcism” was in 1991-ish, and this has been exposed both in 2003 & 2007. As I understand it Jindal’s people have not commented on this issue. Before we tar and feather him, we might consider that his views could have changed. I know I held some pretty silly views 14 years ago, of course I was 14 at the time. People do sometimes change their minds, which is frequently forgotten during the political season when quotes from eons ago are trotted out without context. Of course and probably likely, he might not have changed his mind, in which case, proceed with both tar and feathers.

    As for the church, well, that is a pretty crazy law. As a scientist, I don’t feel that acceptable, quantitative thresholds for piety, knowledge, prudence, and integrity of life have been established. In the spirit of Milton Friedman, I also support letting the market decide who should be able to perform exorcisms, not a regulatory body that invariably has its own interests, not interests of the possessed, as its primary concern.

  • llysenwi wrote:

    I also support letting the market decide who should be able to perform exorcisms,

    Yeah, cool, me too! Get ordained at the Universal Life Church (it’s free) like I did and let’s get this Free Enterprise Exorcism racket off the ground and into the marketplace!

  • llysenwi

    Ok, I take back any benefit of the doubt talk for Jindal. His creationist/ID arguments are enough evidence that he still out there sniffing the woo.

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