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Bishop Richard Williamson’s Holocaust Denial Continues

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4 comments to Bishop Richard Williamson’s Holocaust Denial Continues

  • Steve Page

    He is indeed a shocking individual. I don’t think you can put it down to ignorance either – he’s been made aware of the facts and he disputes them in favour of his anti-Semitic views.

    Hard to believe that it’s been a year, though, Evan. Where has it gone?!

  • Locutusbrg

    These people make me laugh. If he is not just an anti-semitic,does he think everyone’s parents, grandparents, and siblings went to russia and never came back. Everyone?? Really?? Ignoring him is dangerous but having to give him any attention is annoying.

  • smcooper77

    What upsets me most, is that the church continues to support this ignorant and hateful message. He is given an audience by the measure of his title and allowed to spew such filth without any consequences. No action is action. And organized religion wonders why their numbers are dwindling?

  • N1TR

    I admire your ability to calm down enough to write coherently about this &)&*&_*&_*.

    When I think about this guy and others like David Duke or the Westboro Baptist Church, I feel a lot of tension between my faith in the marketplace of free speech and my base impulses to punch them out.

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