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Bishop Richard Williamson’s Holocaust Denial Continues

Has it been a year already?

Bishop Richard Williamson, the ultra-controversial clergyman whose Holocaust denial stance makes David Duke look like an amateur is still beholden to this repugnant form of revisionist history. A year ago, he gave a stunning interview in which he denies that any Jews were killed in gas chambers by The Nazi regime during World War II. He believes that only about 300,000 jews were liquidated instead of the best estimates of 6 million accepted by historians worldwide. He continues to be a huge black stain on his order, The Society of Saint Pius X, and The Vatican, although neither of these “august” bodies has the fortitude to part ways with this purveyor of lies and anti-Semitism.

Here is a link to the original interview that sent more people in pointy hats scurrying for the shadows than cockroaches when the lights are turned on.

And here is the link to the follow up story by Der Spiegel noting the one year anniversary of the interview. In one of the most telling parts of the article, one of the priests in Williamson’s order had this to say about his encounter with Williamson last year:

“Williamson, he says, happens to be a first-class provocateur and has always had strange ideas. Right away on Sept. 11, 2001, he claimed that the US government had staged the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. He also claims that it wasn’t Japan but the White House that ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor, in an effort to draw the Americans into World War II.”

And more …

“During a sermon in the Canadian province of Quebec in April 1989, Williamson said that the Jews had invented Auschwitz as a way to derive certain benefits …In a recent email, Williamson wrote that “1.3 million deported people” were not gassed in the Treblinka, Majdanek, Belzec and Sobibor concentration camps, but were simply transported to the part of the Soviet Union that was occupied by Germany. Ridiculous rumors to the contrary, Williamson added, should be ignored.”

It kind of completes the picture of Williamson as a man so out of touch with reality, whose personal ideas and motives are ignorance at best, and anti-Semitism at worst. He is championed by the world-wide Holocaust denial movement (of course) and he is fighting off legal actions in Germany where it is against the law to express such thoughts.

I am a big defender of freedom of speech, and the freedom of belief in anything for that matter, so while I do not think it is appropriate that any governments take any actions against Williamson for the things he says and believes, I do think that he deserves to be shunned, chastised, and vociferously attacked by his church, by his order, and by all of the decent societies of humanity. He should be made uncomfortable everywhere he goes. He should be confronted every time he’s out in public. He should be called out, humiliated, and exposed for the rest of his life with no mercy.

This “man of the cloth” is soiled beyond repent.

4 comments to Bishop Richard Williamson’s Holocaust Denial Continues

  • Steve Page

    He is indeed a shocking individual. I don’t think you can put it down to ignorance either – he’s been made aware of the facts and he disputes them in favour of his anti-Semitic views.

    Hard to believe that it’s been a year, though, Evan. Where has it gone?!

  • Locutusbrg

    These people make me laugh. If he is not just an anti-semitic,does he think everyone’s parents, grandparents, and siblings went to russia and never came back. Everyone?? Really?? Ignoring him is dangerous but having to give him any attention is annoying.

  • smcooper77

    What upsets me most, is that the church continues to support this ignorant and hateful message. He is given an audience by the measure of his title and allowed to spew such filth without any consequences. No action is action. And organized religion wonders why their numbers are dwindling?

  • N1TR

    I admire your ability to calm down enough to write coherently about this &)&*&_*&_*.

    When I think about this guy and others like David Duke or the Westboro Baptist Church, I feel a lot of tension between my faith in the marketplace of free speech and my base impulses to punch them out.

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