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Retro Fit

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3 comments to Retro Fit

  • “breakdowns with computers,”

    I work in the same office with a salesperson who believes so deeply in Astrology and the power of mercury when it goes retrograde that she will not use our CRM for entering her sales appointments, she sends me a warning (like a couple days ago) when Mercury is about to go retrograde (I work in IT) and all of her appointments are kept in a pen and paper journal and entered into our system after mercury has gone retrograde.

    She also plans surgery and dental work during fortuitous times and has rescheduled knee surgery because her surgery would happen during a full moon (i think) whichever one says never to put “blade to bone” during this time.

    I won’t even go into the Crystal Shop that is her office.

  • @skeptigator, Wow. Seems to me that probably schedules sales calls based on astrology too. If that’s the case, she must be a good sales person. If anyone like that worked for me and it affected their performance, they’d be consulting an astrologer to help them look for a job.

  • LittleGreenMan

    This is a problem that plagues all of skeptidom! We are loosing a war to get information out. Try researching any UFO incident. It will take several pages of believers sites before you get to any skeptical views. My theory is that some of the bigger organizations, JREF, SGU, etc. need to organize some sites that have factual information about each and every paranormal claim. Sort of a toe to toe response to each incident. There should be a single repository, or linked list of repositories for all skeptical responses. This will enable a TV viewer who sees the “in search of” side of the story to quickly get regrounded by reading the skeptical response. Just my 2 skeptical cents worth!

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