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Dude, Don’t Harsh My Feng Shui

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3 comments to Dude, Don’t Harsh My Feng Shui

  • The Blind Watchmaker

    Now I know why I used to lose poker games in college. The mirror in my dorm room was bouncing the chi right out into the hall. I also didn’t have enough bamboo or electric water falls.


  • DLC

    Hm… well now, this reminds me of the time a fellow asked me if I believed in luck.
    My answer did not satisfy him, but here it is:
    I do believe in random chance. However, I do not believe that anyone is affected more by random chance than anyone else. And yet, there are always stories of people who win the lottery on Monday and get hit by lightning on Tuesday, or some other outrageously improbable events.

  • Just 2 quick comments to the SGU podcast on this subject: The Yuan I know pronounces the name pretty much like the Spanish, “Juan”, not “Yoon” as it was pronounced in the SGU.

    Also, my chinese friend told me that though the name Yuan and the currency Yuan are spelled the same in English, they are actually different words in Chinese. I’m sure that some people probably name their kids Yuan because it sounds like the currency, but it’s a different word.

    I’m 100% not Chinese though, so somebody with better knowledge may have more info.

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