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I’m Shocked….Shocked! – That There Was No Rapture.

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2 comments to I’m Shocked….Shocked! – That There Was No Rapture.

  • trident

    Steve – to what degree do you think that Harold (or people like him) should be responsible for what they preach when it turns out that it was all a lie?

    Do prophesies like this fall under “caveat emptor” or should soothsayers and other peddlers of woo be held accountable for the millions of dollars swindled through gullibility? One website recommended suing Family Radio for fraud and deception – but would that amount to anything else than another drop of water on the goose’s back on the leader’s part?

    Untold hidden costs may also arise from medical costs in rehabilitating the ones who actually believed in the rapture and are now as baffled as scientists as to why it didn’t occur. Suicide hotlines are apparently standing by, and I really hope that no one is tempted to pass the chance of living in this post-non-rapture world. Except Harold Camping and likes – they could be raptured from this planet right away and I would be in line to help them with a kick in the behind if needed.

  • Chris

    Well, he is apparently unapologetic and says it will really happen in October. I’m sorry, but the fact this guy’s idiotic “warning” was advertized through billboards around the world has caused such a stir makes me angry. What really makes me livid are the people who gave away all of their possessions, and the mother who attempted to kill her children.

    Mr. Camping should not be just ridiculed, he should be reviled. He should be reminded over and over and over again the very real pain he caused on this planet.

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