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Sylvia Brown Sighting

As I prepare for a more in-depth topic for next week, combined with having to work some ghastly hours late last night, I have a very brief posting today. Take a look at this news clip. At least not all of the media is impressed with Sylvia’s “psychic” abilities, or her charisma. Seriously, this woman is repugnant on just about any measurement of humanity that you can think of. James Randi is quite correct when he says “Sylvia Brown is not psychic, but she is a monster – in her own way.”

Perfectly stated, Randi.

2 comments to Sylvia Brown Sighting

  • “It’s genetic, it’s been in my family for 300 years.” Wouldn’t it have been in her family longer if it was genetic? Kudos to Craig Cheatham for an actual investigative report, instead of the C+ quality we’ve come to expect from local news.

  • DLC

    Can we not see this woman (I use the term loosely) tried for some criminal offense, somewhere ?
    Or does her labeling her con game a religious experience exempt her from charges ?

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