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Regurgitating In Connecticut Tonight

Tonight, in the city of New Britain, Connecticut, local curiosity seekers will have the rare experience of sitting down to dinner with Allyson and Adele Walsh, supposedly better known in the land of woo as “the psy-dentical twins”.

This duo of divination will center their collective psychic gravity at Angelico’s Café. The entry fee is $25, and that affords the carnival goer two hours of access to the sisters of psi’s performance, and you get to have your picture taken with them. The price does not cover food.

To wet your whistle, here is a succulent sample from their home page:

“Allyson and Adele work professionally as psychic mediums, educators, and motivational speakers. Allyson has been featured on local radio shows and WBAL-TV, presenting their work. The Washington Post article in the Sunday Source (July 18, 2004) brought attention to their work, calling them the “experts” in their field. Often when they work together, “phenomena” occurs – it has been documented on video and sound recording equipment. There is something unusual about their work!”

Hold your heifers! This needs to be cut up and digested sentence by sentence.

They claim to be “professional educators”, yet they do so with no reference. Perhaps luring people into restaurants or seminars qualifies as being “educators”, but I think that term should be reserved for those with some minimum level of certification.

Their 2004 Washington Post “article” seems more like a glorified classified ad to me. And get this … the “article” was written by Allyson! Now that’s a piece of journalism you can take into the toilet with you any day. This line sums it up beautifully:

“THE NEXT PREZ?: Personally and psychically, I think it’s Kerry”

As the next sentence reads, when they get together their Wonder-Twin Powers activate, sparking off “phenomena” which they have captured on video and audio. One of the golden rules of pseudoscience is that if it captured on video, film, or audio, it is a paranormal “phenomena” that defies prosaic explanation. And a true pseudoscientist never breaks any of the golden rules.

As far as there being something unusual about their work, I think they fit the Sylvia Brown template quite well and they actually have nothing new to offer reality challenged people.

Assuming you still have an appetite of any kind, take a look at their “about us” section of their website:

“September 1993 – CBS 48 Hours filmed Allyson for “Skeptics” segment at WZXR radio in Bethesda, Maryland. Although CBS 48 Hours voiced over Allyson on video, nothing of the taped radio show exists on the FCC 24-hour mandatory recording equipment, except a two hour blank spot.”

It continues …

“September 1998 – WBAL-TV, “The Bottom Line Show”, starring Kweisi Mfume (former president of NAACP). Allyson and Adele demonstrated psychic work before audience. Audio recording of audience demo short-circuited – have this on DVD.”

Their attempt at being coy here is shallow. The reader of these very poorly written blurbs is to assume that “phenomena” caused the recording equipment to malfunction in both of these cases . If these were perceived by the twins as simply technical or human errors, they would not have mentioned them. This year, The SGU was apparently plagued by similar “phenomena” when there were recoding glitches at the TAM and Dragoncon meetings. Skeptics are fond of saying that paranormal activity never occurs when they are around. But if you take the translation of Allyson and Adele, these technical malfunctions are direct evidence of “phenomenon.”

For the dessert course of this blog post, I offer you this tripe, also from their “about us” section:

“If you look closely (photo at right) Allyson can barely be seen on the left side with Adele on the right. The red energy seen over Allyson’s chest denotes power, vitality, activity. The blue indicates a peaceful communicator color, as Adele is more of an intuitive listener. Adele’s yellow-to-orange indicates analytical creative thinking, and, being detail-oriented and a perfectionist! Allyson and Adele share emerald green, which is the vibrational frequency seen or felt by others. Green is healing energy, and denotes the teacher, communicator, loving people, animals, and nature.”

One might call this dessert “sickeningly” sweet. But at least that emerald green “vibrational frequency” denoting the “teacher” appears to have answered my question about how these people claim to be “educators.”

So if you can stomach all this and more, head over to Angelico’s Café for tonight’s special: individually prepared hot n’ cold readings.  May I suggst you bring your own air-sick-bag.

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