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Psychic Doesn’t See It Coming … Again.

The perpetual joke concerning psychics that wind up in the news is that they “never see it coming”, “it” being whatever is the thing that is deemed newsworthy by the press.

This one has a local appeal, having occurred right down the road form me in Norwalk, CT.  So there are these two psychics in the neighborhood, and they are competitors, just like in any other business.  Yet this one almost turned into a Hatfield versus McCoy incident, when one of the psychics was reportedly assaulted by their rival.  This got pretty serious as the woman assaulted claims that her assailants not only beat her, they threatened to kill her as well.

No one, skeptics included, should feel anything but sympathy for the victim.  This is a violent crime and needs to be treated as such. But the same question comes up every time a psychic has a bad experience that ends up in the news. Why can’t they see these things coming?

Ironically, with this news in the press, both of these psychics are likely to experience a bump in business.  In a more reasonable and thoughtful society, those potential new customers would be more skeptical than usual.

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