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Joe Nickell vs The Chupacabra!

Joe and I were both at Skepticon 4 in Springfield, Missouri this year. While I was endeavoring to try every beer on the menu at Farmers Gastropub, Joe was traveling to nearby Strafford, Missouri to talk to the kid who saw something weird and shot it. Video after the jump!

1 comment to Joe Nickell vs The Chupacabra!

  • Jim Shaver

    Dogonnit, Rebecca, just one time can’t Joe Nickell find a real mythical creature?! Just one chupacabra? A bigfoot? A moth man? A Nessie or Champ? How about a simple ghost? Or a warewolf? An alien would be nice. Really, how hard can that be? Come on, Joe, throw us a bone. We want so badly to believe…

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