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Oh Nessie … Not Again!

For a creature that has never existed, this one has more life to it than any other non-existent thing in history.

Once again, The Loch Ness Monster (or “Nessie” for short) is in the headlines. The son of a photographer that was filming at the famed Scottish lake is out to prove that what his father captured on film was a very large animal. What makes this report a little sadder is that the son is a former detective. This is someone that is supposed to know what real evidence is, and how to distinguish fact from fiction. A detective that jumps to conclusions and works backwards to find evidence that fits his notions qualifies as a dangerous law enforcer in my book. But that’s just me.

Despite the overwhelming lack of evidence, and despite the fact that this myth continues solely as anecdotes and stories, and despite the fact that, logically speaking, its impossible for Loch Ness to support the life of a creature of “monstrous” proportions, this former detective is “on the case” anyway.

Well, good hunting to you sir! I’m sure your dad would have been proud.

(The iconic “Surgeon’s Picture” from 1934 (top) as presented to the world.  The original photo, much less iconic yet much more truthful shot, is below. And it was a hoax … a floating piece of wood.  But why should a hoax spoil a myth that refuses to die?)

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