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5 comments to Abominable

  • Martinus

    On a point of order Sir David is still the brother of Lord Richard Attenborough who is not late yet, although he had a serious accident at the end of last year. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Attenborough

    Years ago I remember reading that enlarged footprints like the Shipton photo were a natural phenomenon when the sun hit a normal mountaineer’s footprint. I can forgive Attenborough a lot for the sound body of work he has produced over the years but he should have known better than to go on that show.

  • Drum Billet

    Jane Goodall says that she is SURE that bigfoot exists. I’d say that is more reprehnsible than what David Attenborough said seeing as how she is a trained scientist and he is a TV presenter.

    Also, Richard Attenborough isn’t dead!

  • llysenwi

    I heard once that the most likely explanation was that the photo was of snow leopard tracks in soft snow (causing the elongated print). Snow leopards only have four toes (nice and round too) on both front and hind feet. They are also known to go up to 20,000 feet, but just for practical jokes.

  • I’m not sure that David Attenborough said the Yeti, AS or Bigfoot exisits. He said there is an unanswered question.

    If evidence came to light to suggest the photo was a fake, I’m sure he would realign his understanding based on that fact. He obviouly beileves that the photo was not created as a practical joke – and that gives him ‘paws’; He therefore needs an explanation – that explanation could be many things.

    Given the unlikely existence of a large homind at high altitude the most likely explanation is a mis identification of either a human or animal print. That doiesn’t make the photo a hoax however.

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