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Unfathomable Scandal In Atlanta

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3 comments to Unfathomable Scandal In Atlanta

  • This nonsense was the predictable outcome of our absurd attitude toward education financing in this country. NCLB, teaching to the test, busting teachers unions. We’ve been treating teaching as a second class occupation for so long it does not surprise me at all that things have devolved to this point.

    Can you imagine recommending one of your children becoming a schoolteacher in this day and age? It’s like volunteering to be poor.

  • My wife is a school teacher in Maryland, and when I showed her this article she said this thing happens more often than reported in the media. Her district disciplined a group of teachers and a principal a few years ago for this same exact thing.

  • I could be wrong, but if memory serves, the guys who wrote Freakonomics used data-mining techniques to detect cheating in Chicago schools, and that had to have been c. 2005 or maybe earlier.

    It’s not really that shocking. Of course, if teachers would just teach the material they were supposed to, the students’ test results would reflect that, and there’d be no need to cheat, or “teach to the test.” We’re simply finding here that human nature is simply what we’ve always known it to be … folks will always take the easiest route (whatever it is) that gets them where they need to do, without regard to whether or not they should use that route.

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