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Tax The Witch

It appears that witches in Romania have quite a powerful lobby in that country’s political system.

A tax that would have been levied on witches and fortune tellers was voted down in Romania’s senate. Perhaps the most striking part of the law would have been that witches and psychics would be held accountable with a tax or penalty for wrong predictions.

The Romanian senators appeared to be afraid of a backlash of curses and spells.

I think a tax on wrong predictions is a brilliant suggestion!  It would be an excellent way to drive these psychic scam artists out of business.

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  • That’s just . . . wow. I could see something like that getting voted down here, because of an overly strict attempt at adhering to the separation of church and state, but for it to be voted down because of fear of curses.

    Every political attack ad next year is going to be awesome “Did you know Bob Jones is afraid of witches? We need senators who are willing to stand up to the magical hags in our society, choose Bill Smith for senate.”

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