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Weird and Cool Links

Here are some classic roller coaster images:

Here’s a new medical cure-all that putting all other cures on their backs.  So…do men take this treatment too?

This is awesome but is it a little weird to have in your home?

6 comments to Weird and Cool Links

  • Susan B.

    No kidding, I think I sold one of those roller coaster photos. I worked at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California for a few summers, and I was one of the people who sell the roller coaster photos. I distinctly remember that one on Goliath with the guy sleeping (although there were a lot of those poses).

  • Onoratoni

    The semen therapy site is sponsored by a porn site……Yep

  • Onoratoni

    The semen therapy site is sponsored by a porn site……Yep…So how did you find this site again?

  • Drum Billet

    I chuckeld at the semen therapy site. It has a list of benefits and information about semen.

    Number 4 on the list is: Helps with pregnancy.

  • rupski

    My sense of accomplishment is shattered by the rollercoaster pics; know there are some creative minds. We should get some of these guys problem solving the BP oil gush.

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