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Thank you Internet…You’re my only hope

Cat EmperorYesterday I was reminded how much I love humor based in the Star Wars universe.

Here is a small collection of some of my favorites.

Now witness the firepower…

Your mamma’s going on a date…


Old school rap from 2003:



Stand Up:


Ackbar practicing for his big scene:

Thank you internet…You’re my only hope
What the hell?  If anyone knows what exactly is going on here let me know.  Just dont put your face in that thing.

Our world is beautiful. When you mix the wonder and vastness of all that lies outside the earth with our own sky, our trees, our sea, they fit together and ultimately are one.


You ever hear of Grzegorz Jonkajtys?  Can you even pronounce his name?  Take a look at 3 of his short films.  Thank you internet!  You’re my only hope :)

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  • timmyson

    High voltage arcing to the metal foil (aluminum?) layer of the CD. The voltage is high enough that it’s vapourizing or flaking off the aluminum (thermal shock, perhaps). If you use a CD as a coaster long enough the aluminum will wear and oxidize off too, leaving just a clear disc. Obviously this is much cooler (but probably not good for you to inhale).

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