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Searching For Groucho, Finding Cavett

I went looking for a clip of an interview of Groucho Marx where he talks about his famous visit to a medium for a seance.  It is one of the funniest anecdotes in the history of skeptical accounts, one I remember fondly as a budding skeptic back in 1996. 

Alas, there does not seem to be a clip anywhere on the interweb to be had.  However, I ran into this New York Times opinion article written by famous comedian and talk show host Dick Cavett, penned back in 2007.  

The article revealed itself to me in my search for the video of Groucho’s first hand account. Cavett does a nice job of re-telling the story, correctly framed and delivered professionally as part of a larger, though less-than-fully skeptical, opinion piece about ghosts, spirits, and the people who believe in such things.

Regardless, I thought it was worth sharing for those who appreciate the talents of both Cavett and Marx. I am a firm believer in the following equation:

                       Humor + Skepticism = Effective Message

So how can you go wrong with Dick Cavett talking about Groucho Marx?

1 comment to Searching For Groucho, Finding Cavett

  • JHGRedekop

    Bo Grace’s comic strip “Ernie” (now known as “The Piranha Club”) used Marx’s story years ago: Effie Munyon starts a gig as a fortune teller (with the shyster, Sid Fernwilter, hiding under the table to do the spirit rapping), but keeps getting exposed when, twice, clients come in asking what the capital of Minnesota is. Effie & Sid eventually do the research, so they’ll be ready next time with “St. Paul”, only to have someone show up asking what the capital of South Dakota is…

    The story’s in the 1996 collection, “Ernie Out of Control…”

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