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Devil Dog

Devil Dogs.  Bleh.

No, not the chocolate cake and vanilla cream treat we enjoyed as kids.  I’m talking about dogs such as the one with a penchant for saying things like “I Love Satan”. At least that is the opinion of William Goodman,  “animal antics” online reporter/blogger for CBS.  

Funny he should make an interpretation of the dog’s noises. This is not uncommon, people do it all the time both subconsciously and consciously. As skeptics, we recognize this as a form of pattern recognition – trying to make order out of chaos, a basic evolutionary trait of the brain “to help us hear the lion rustling in the bushes” (as Jay is fond of expressing.) The more humans run from predators either real or imagined, the more likely those humans will survive another day.  

I don’t scold the reporter for expressing his opinion about what he heard. I just find it funny that he chose to include that opinion, when the first thoughts that ran through my mind when seeing the video are “Jeez, is that animal ok?” and “This is disturbing and unappealing.”

I mean, really, listening to animals making choking, gurgling, upchucking, wheezing noises is kind of disgusting.  I know I have shared some ‘Who’s That Noisy?’ clips of animal sounds that have been awkward, shrill, and bizarre,  but I can’t stomach noises (especially those encompassed with images) that make me fell like I am chewing tinfoil. 

And here is the reporter, writing up his treatment, thinking the animal made a noise that sounded like “I Love Satan.”  One person’s casual lighthearted take is another person’s recoiling – an interesting juxtaposition, if nothing else. 

Here is my translation of what I think the animal is “saying”:

“I … I … I … nice … nice … kitty … (long wheeze) … I drive safely … (wheeze) … “

Then the animal gives a savage ‘hiss n’ spit’ that sounded like something only the creature from ‘Alien’ could make.  Horrifying, worthy of one of Bob’s Halloween displays.

Without fail, the internet performs one of its primary functions and links to videos of other “satanic” noises made by housepets. Have a look, if you enjoy that kind of “slowing down to see the accident” morbid curiosity – you have a higher constitution than me.

I grew up with many pets in our house, and I am familiar with the ranges of noises and antics of housepets. If that devil dog were in my house, either it or I would have been gone. 

2 comments to Devil Dog

  • Bear

    I’ve now listened to this a number of times and can no longer breathe, as I’ve been laughing like a loon everytime I hear it say “I drive safely” in that unearthly voice. Thanks, Evan.

  • mentel

    Forget that, here is where you can learn about the REAL Devil Dog, courtesy of one Mr. Paul F. Tompkins

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