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Pseudoscience Sells

There is a cold hard fact that skeptics everywhere must deal with, and it is this: Pseudoscience sells.

Give the people, or in this case, the gullible masses what they want. Every time a Larry King interviews a psychic or a UFO nut, he’s doing it for ratings. When people want “all natural homeopathic” remedies, the makers of Nytol or Zicam will produce the product. It doesn’t have to make any sense or hold up to any kind of science. It’s just sell sell sell.

Travlocity is now firmly in this category of shameless purveyors of nonsense. They put out a press release this week just in time for Halloween promoting the fact that their editors have chosen their top haunted hotels around the country.

So go ahead and give the list a read, and hopefully, it will be the last time that you give any attention to Travelocity. In my opinion, they have squandered their credibility with this sales stunt.

Pseudoscience sells, and Travelocity knows this. For shame.

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