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Lower Learning

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6 comments to Lower Learning

  • Jim Shaver

    You go, Evan!

    Suggestion: If you wear a T-Shirt to this “class” that says “Yeah, I’m a closed-minded debunker”, the ghosties might not know what else to say when they point their fingers at you.

  • – Attend a ‘Ghost Science’ course with Evan

    Yet another item added to the “Why I should move to CT” list.

  • domini1018

    How timely. I’m planning on attending Columbus State Community College in the fall to study medical laboratory technology, and I recently saw in their catalog that they offer a certificate…(A CERTIFICATE!)…in pranic healing. It’s listed under their nursing classes. (http://www.cscc.edu/nursing/certificates.htm)I was hugely disappointed to see this and have been wondering what, if anything, I should do about it.

  • springer.adam

    I wonder if they’ll have some ectoplasm they can sell me!?

  • DLC

    Ooh, I wonder if they’ll include a section on photographing dust motes err um I mean spirit orbs ?
    Seriously though — I do wish they would have had a class on the psychology of why people have these so-called paranormal experiences.
    The conditions under which they see or hear or experience such things, the hidden or un-remembered suggestion that something will be seen, heard or experienced. That would be an interesting and worthwhile class to have.

  • Hey Ev, did you notice the opinion poll at the bottom of NEP’s homepage? Just to be a cynical narrow-minded naysayer I clicked on the option “NDEs are a purely naturalistic phenomenon, and are the result of neurobiological mechanisms.” Ooh, I’m just so bad.

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