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Ghost in a Bottle: Almost as good as Junk in a Box

I’m sure most of you have that one person in your life that, when a gift-giving occasion comes around, you have no idea what to get them. I actually have several of those. It takes me forever to figure out what I’m going to get them and when I do decide on something, I’m usually not 100% happy with my decision.

Or, perhaps you have some extra money and you’d like to treat yourself to a little something? A gift, from you, to you. Have no idea what to get yourself?

Well look no further. I give you, Ghost in a Bottle. For the low low price of $19.99 you can be the proud owner of this supernatural conversation piece.

This company will sell you a ghost, in a bottle, complete with a “Ghost Certificate” signed by the ghost hunter that captured that particular spirit and is engraved with a Ghost Hunter’s Seal. Let me repeat, a Ghost Hunter’s Seal. Doesn’t get more official than that people.

No maintenance required; except occasional dusting.

You may release the Ghost at your own discretion and at your own risk.

The Ghost in the Bottle is contained mysteriously and is therefore sealed with wax shortly after the Ghost is caught. The bottle is sealed for your protection. It comes with very important information . We supply the Ghost, you supply the name. Individual Ghost experiences may vary as “Each Ghost is Unique”!

The company advises against opening the bottle and letting the apparition out. Stating that many of their customers who have opened the bottle have had several “ghostly experiences” including, but not limited to:

  • A voice out of nowhere.
  • Doors opening or closing slowly.
  • Water left running at the sink.
  • The feeling someone is watching you.
  • Phone calls
  • Activity will usually peak around 3:00 am in the morning or on rainy days.

Yep. 3:00 am in the morning.

So act now people, while they’re still available. I’m sure quantities are limited.

All sarcasm aside, we’ve had many emails regarding this site, and it seems pretty harmless. Well about as harmless as selling land on the moon or having a star named after you. Just another person or people cashing in on people’s gullibility. The website does state that these are for “entertainment purposes only” and their motto alludes that it might just be a novelty.

Personally, I’m skeptical about the nature of the ghost inside the bottle. I mean we all know that there are only 2 things that can hold a ghost.

But make sure you read the testimonials page before you buy to be sure that this product is for you, and for god’s sake, whatever you do, don’t cross the streams… I mean, open the bottle.

“Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.” — Dr. Egon Spengler, Ph.D.

5 comments to Ghost in a Bottle: Almost as good as Junk in a Box

  • I thought there were postal regulations against shipping ethereal substances.

  • DLC

    Hm… No, don’t think I’ll be ordering one of those. I’m fairly sure that some jerk from the EPA would come and accidentally release the ghost after claiming that a bottle is not a secure containment facility.

  • People have been giving me spirits in bottles as gifts every birthday for years and I’m all for encouraging the practice. I see also on Skepchick that there was credulity about the contents being flammable and I have to confirm that this is entirely true.

  • Jim Shaver

    I think these folks are missing a marketing opportunity here. They should branch out and also sell ghost ships is a bottle.

  • LOL. Jim, that’s fantastic. I swear I’m going to do it.

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