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Asshole Wife Abuser Blames Ghost

Sorry to be so coarse in the title, but this person makes me furious.

As reported by The Smoking Gun today, Michael West of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin was arrested by police on January 15th. This douchebag told police that a a ghost was responsible for strangling and battering his wife.

First, thank goodness the police did not fall this bullshit, though there was probably a near-zero possibility of that happening. Alas, we can’t take anything for granted these days.

Second, I’m willing to acknowledge that perhaps, just perhaps, West is mentally ill.  If that turns out to be the case, then this is a sad and unfortunate instance on many levels. But if you read the report, about how West changed his story once the cops discovered hand marks on his wife’s neck, I’m inclined to believe that this person is “sane” and was well aware of his behavior.

Third, men hitting women is repugnant. Its one thing for a man to have to defend himself from an attack by a woman, and as a student of Krav Maga for 4 years I know about the capabilities of a woman on the offensive. But a man attacking a woman is cowardly and despicable and inexcusable.

Fourth, if this POS pleads not guilty and stands by his ghost story, what are the chances he’d wind up arguing his case in front of a judge whom has a disposition to believing in ghosts? The chances are against that happening, but is it out of the realm of possibility?  Well …

Just remember that when we underestimate the influence of the paranormal, which is so saturated within our culture, don’t be surprised when it rears its ugly head in places you might least expect.

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  • Myk

    Isn’t it a better thing to say that anyone using violence to control or intimidate another person is cowardly and despicable and inexcusable? It’s just as inexcusable for a woman to attack a man, or a man to attack another man, when the person being attacked has not been violent themself.

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