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Annual Halloween Report

So how’s your Fall/October/”Ramp-Up to Halloween” going?

My October fun this year has been a bit of a mixed bag.

I was convinced over the summer that my partners and I would resurrect our professional haunted corn maze this year. Everyone was motivated and psyched to get going including the land-owners, me and my 2 partners, the Larson Farm people, even the mayor of New Milford. We even had a lease that was ready to be signed. The only oily smear in this otherwise clear puddle of water though was the punk who was currently leasing the land. Apparently, he didn’t want to leave ( even though, as I was told, a sheriff had asked him to). You may say that he had a right to be there but without going into any potentially actionable details, I believe the land-owners had every right to terminate his lease.

Oh, well. The good news is that next year, this situation should be resolved and we may have a 3 to 5 year contract to scare the crap out of people…….maybe.

So with no Haunt to run, usually I’d throw an epic Halloween party. Well, that didn’t happen either because it’s hard to justify an expensive party when you’re still looking for work in this wretched economy.

So what’s a haunter to do in this situation? Simple. Go to a lot of Halloween haunted houses.

My brother Jay, my daughter Ashley and I (plus friends) have been to a bunch and we’ve had an awesome time. Tonight though is the peak this wonderful Halloween tradition.

We’re going to The Headless Horseman in Ulster Park New York with about 12 people. This isn’t just a haunted house my friends; this is a haunted theme park of epic proportions.

It has 5 separate haunts including a hayride, a corn maze, and 3 traditional haunted houses. There’s also tons of food available, merchandise shops, even magic shows. One year they had a huge 150 foot inflatable Dinosaur haunt. I’m not kidding. You walked in its mouth and through its body and then exited out his butt. It’s no wonder this place is usually voted best haunted attraction in the country. This is the kind of haunt I run in my dreams.

This season I also tried other ways to fuse my love of Halloween and money-making. My partner Gene and I made a bunch of awesome Pirate cannons and tried to sell them in various places like eBay, a website, and local stores. Here’s a pic of one.


If you’re interested, go to piratecannon.com for more info (what the hell,…it’s worth a try).

I must say I think these cannons came out great. We’re working on animating them as well.

Problem is…..we only sold one of these babies (on eBay). I thought for sure we’d sell more.

One big reason for this was probably shipping costs. I can understand why few people would spend $300 on a prop cannon and then drop another $130 just to ship the damn thing.

Last week I convinced my daughter to throw a Halloween party for her school friends.  This made me very happy, not only because I think she and her friends will have a great time; it motivated me to really start setting up my basement and getting my creative juices flowing.

I just finished this pirate wall display yesterday:


The pirate skull talks when you get close it. Stuff like….”Halt who goes there?”……..”Dead men tall no tales” and other suitably Piratical stuff.

This is supposed to be reminiscent of the talking skull at the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean ride, remember that?


Well, there’s not more going on for me this Halloween season. I’m hoping to to use my basement as a free haunt for the trick-or-treaters next week. That’s always been a good time in the past specially when a bunch of friends dress up and help out with the scares.

I’ll end this week with the results of one my favorite Halloween traditions. Carving Jack-O-Lanterns with my daughter, Ashley.


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