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Weekend Wrap-Up

Last night’s Skeptics in the Pub was fantastic! Patty Pieniadz spoke about her experience as a high-ranking Scientologist, giving an in-depth look at how the CoS convinces new recruits to suspend their critical thinking skills and accept even the most bizarre claims as truth. Patty’s journey from non-questioning believer to full-fledged skeptic is not only inspiring to hear, but also provides us with solid information on how we can reach those True Believers who seem so heartbreakingly unreachable.

Despite our new location and the fact that it was Memorial Day, we still managed to fill up the bar with about 60 people. (I eyeballed it, but it was tough to see to the back . . . I’ll gladly accept any more concrete figures!) Those of you who missed it should stay tuned for the free video that will be going online soon, thanks to the famed and justly popular Maggie, Official A/V Team Captain of Boston Skeptics. (Speaking of A/V, special thanks to John for working with the fine folks of Tommy Doyle’s to work out all the glitches!)

I uploaded a few pics to Flickr, and if anyone else has any, please send them my way!

The Skeptics in the Pub event was the finale of a lovely long weekend that included kayaking in New York, biking on Cape Cod, and drinking margaritas in Connecticut with Jay Novella. Those of you who know and love Jay on the SGU should click through to find out more than you ever wanted to know about him.

  • Jay has a poodle.
  • Jay thinks $70 is too much to pay a professional to trim a poodle’s fur.
  • The poodle begs to differ.
  • Also in Jay’s home: three cats, a parrot, and Sheryl, the world’s most patient woman.
  • “And this is Sheryl’s room. See how clean it is? I think I’ve only farted in here like, twice.”
  • Jay has a really cool car that works with his cell so he can talk on the speaker phone while driving.
  • The phone rang about five minutes after we left his house. It was Sheryl.
  • “Jay. Did you put a banana sticker on my ass?”
  • “Ha ha, YES! I knew it would take you hours to find that!”
  • Jay’s worst nightmare is being chased by a water spout full of sharks.

2 comments to Weekend Wrap-Up

  • Mike Foster

    It’s really cool and looks just like ones we have in the London “Skeptics in the Pub”.

    Ours seem to number a hundred or more, but I noticed it dropped to about 60% at first when the great sunny weather came this year … suggesting that skeptics are actually “sun worshippers”! ;-D

  • damian yeung

    Jay looks absolutely huge in the 2nd pic! or maybe rebecca is.. 😉

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