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We Got Him, Pete, We Got Him

Hi Pete,

It has been too long since I last visited your website or made mention about you and your family’s fate on September 11, 2001. Forgive me, we get so busy going on with living that we can’t stop as often as we would like to remember those that should still be alive today.

But today, Pete, is a great day.  Last night, US Navy Seals put a bullet into the head of the vermin that robbed you, your wife Sue, and your 2 year old daughter Christine of your liberty, your lives, and your consciousness.  I know this day has been a long time coming, and frankly, I doubted that this day would ever transpire.  Sure, that piece of filth would die eventually in a cold, dark cave to be celebrated and martyred by the worst religious fanatics on the planet.  Instead, it has occurred at the hands of the best people on the country’s front lines.  The dead husk was taken and disposed of, nary a peep of celebration.

The real celebrations are taking place today at the sight of your injustice, and in Washington DC, and Pennsylvania, and all over the country. People are in a jubilant and remembering mood all at the same time. So many people from Connecticut  knew people directly effected that our emotions today are running deep. While it won’t bring any of you back from non-existence, it is important to those of us that had the fortune to have known you and your family.

Just thought you and Sue and Christine have a right to know.


2 comments to We Got Him, Pete, We Got Him

  • gwen

    I have a problem with a the dancing and celebrations in the streets across the US. It brings to mind all of the celebrations in the Arab world in the aftermath of 9/11. It just seems wrong celebrating the death of a human—even a monster like Bin Laden. I think we would be better served by trying to figure out how such a monster was created in the first place, and how to prevent another one from taking his place. Or, failing that, detecting and averting him/her before another catastrophic mass murder could occur.

  • […] (if not hundreds of thousands) of people were directly affected by 9/11—meaning they had family and friends who were killed as a result of the planning and direction of this man. Many millions more empathize and recognize […]

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