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The SGU Website and the Rogues Gallery Update

Thanks for your patience while we upgrade the SGU website. There have been a few hiccups while we move the site to a new host and completely update the site itself.

At this point it seems as if we have identified all of the major problems – you should no longer be getting that annoying error message when you try to access the site. You can download new episodes from the homepage and each episode from its archive page. The contact-us page works. All the critical functions work.

But the site is still very much a work in progress. The podcast players still needs to be fixed. There are also small bugs that keep cropping up – if you encounter any, please let us know.

Also – as our listeners use the site we will get a better handle on its real functionality. We therefore expect to make design and function changes with the experience of real world use. Again this means that feedback from all of you is critical. If you want us to make a change, and it makes sense and is feasible, the chances are actually pretty good that we will make the change.

The Rogues Gallery itself has gone through a rough patch. It was down for a week, and now Bob, Jay and I are coming off a one week vacation – hence the paucity of new posts. But we should be back to a full schedule starting today.

In addition to the regular posters – the Rogues, including Mike Lacelle who runs the SGU fans site and frequently appears on 5×5 – we need to expand our contributors. We never replaced Jon Blumenfeld, who had to stop blogging due to work.

What we are going to do is publish guest submissions by our listeners. So, if you ever wanted to try your hand at blogging, or if you already are a blogger and want to show your stuff in a new venue – send us your entries. We will edit and publish the best of our submissions here. You can e-mail them to roguesgallery@theskepticsguide.org.

Thanks to Jay and Jeremy and all their volunteers  for all the hard work they have put and continue to put into the site.  We deeply appreciate it.

Up next is theness.com website. This is way overdue for an overhaul, and we have lots of ideas about how we can use this site to bring more skeptical content to the web. Stay tuned.

2 comments to The SGU Website and the Rogues Gallery Update

  • Drum Billet

    Hope you had a nice holiday!

    The idea of having guest bloggers is great.

    What about the youtube videos? Are you still going to be making them?

  • larry coon

    Hmm…is theness.com even necessary any more? It would seem that any content you wish to keep would be more easily integrated into theskepticsguide.org. This would reduce your workload (no need to maintain another site), and provide one-stop-shopping for your readers.

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