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This was too cool not to share.

Have a look at this article from Space.com. Scientists have detected radio waves from deep space that are six times louder than any other radio waves ever detected. This is a HUGE order of magnitude, as the article explains. 

I ask myself (and, by proxy, you): Where were the psychic predictions that a roar from space like this one would be detected?

But this does remind me that we have a new segment for The SGU podcast that has to do with noises. Just a teaser for you while you wait for your download tomorrow.

And another teaser – we’re lining up a super-spectacular guest interview for next week’s show. If you are half as excited as I am then you’ll be thrilled! Keep in mind, sometimes interviews get postponed, especially with high profile guests, but they have agreed to the interview, and if all goes as planned, it will be our featured segment on next week’s show.

Feel free to make some guesses – put your psychic powers to the test.

20 comments to Roar!

  • Konstanty

    Is it Phil?

  • Hmm, could it be that Ricky Gervais interview that people have been requesting on the boards for years?

    Is it another past president? Perhaps Bill Clinton?

    Oh, I know, it’s Phil Plait!

  • Jim Shaver

    Don’t worry, Evan, you can count on me not to postpone our interview. (Or, perhaps were you referring to President Obama?)

  • Maybe Mike Lacelle has figured out how to use Skype despite the local bus strike here in Ottawa, and is the featured interview?

  • Too easy Evan. It’s got to be Penn and Teller.

    You said… “but they have agreed to the interview”. The key word being “they”.

    Do I get a mention on the podcast? Do I? Do I?



  • Yoo

    six times louder than any other radio waves ever detected

    This seems to be a typo, as it’s six times larger than what they expected. I bet even our own planet emits larger radio waves than what were observed purely through thermal radiation, never mind man-made radio waves or pulsar beams which would completely and utterly drown out the observed radio waves.

  • mattdick

    “Feel free to make some guesses – put your psychic powers to the test.”

    Kemel Ataturk’s great-granddaughter.

  • larry coon

    I decided better about revealing my first guest, because it would have been entirely tasteless. So I’ll go with Amanda Peet.

  • larry coon

    ^^^ “guest” should be “guess.” We really need a way to edit our own comments.

  • SkepGeek

    The electric universe people have it figured out. They know what it is. 🙂


    At least I think they are referring to the same news. It is challenging to follow the mental connections of one disconnected from reality.

  • radiantmatrix

    Since I’m not an astro-anything; can you posit on the significance of this? I think a lot of people will probably jump to the question of whether this is a sign of extra-terrestrial life. What’s the probability of that being the case? Why?

  • Drum Billet

    Is it Jesus?

  • strimmer

    My guess was going to be Carl Sagan, but I really liked Larry Coon’s answer. I will agree:

    Amanda Peet

  • fxnut – I used the word “they” as a gender neutral term. I should have written “he or she”.

    It is just one person.

    FYI – so far, no one has guessed correctly.

    Drum Billet – Jesus is booked solid until the Day of Reckoning, so says his agent.

  • Cosmo0

    Just to clarify – the signal is 6 times larger than the *sum total* of all known sources (at that wavelength). That’s not strictly “orders of magnitude”, but it is impressive and it swamps the signal they were looking for. Then again, it’s often the case that, in terms of total light, the diffuse background outshines all discrete objects. As for the source, we’ll have to wait and see…

  • Torgo

    I predict Tom Cruise. He’s been trying to improve his image lately. What better way to do so than by appearing on a preeminent skeptical podcast?.

  • Forget psychics! What about astrologers? Why haven’t they been examining the stars, tuning the dial on their astrological radios, and been struck deaf by the incredibly loud signal coming from that direction?

    “Yeah, Taurus, I think this is a good time to propose, but… augh! Seriously! Can anyone else hear this thing? When are those scientists finally going to get around to discovering what astrologers have known about for freaking ever?”

  • Can’t you give us a clue? Believer, skeptic, or neither? Are they selling a new book/TV show/Movie?

    Let’s guess some believers: Kevin Trudeau, Jenny Mcarthy, Andrew Weil, George Noory, Ann Coulter

  • medicated


    Seriously though…Martin Gardner?

  • @Evan
    “I used the word “they” as a gender neutral term. I should have written “he or she”.”

    Alas, I realised my error too late 😀

    Oh well. I vote Silvia Brown.

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