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On this day in in 2007, Perry DeAngelis succumbed to his long battle with scleroderma. He is gone, yet he will never be forgotten.

I took some time today to go back and read some posts on our forum about the passing of Perry. It’s a wonderful reminder of just how significant a loss we all felt at the time, a sense of loss that still echoes strongly 3 full years later. If you are so inclined, take a look back with me at some of the postings so we can more fully appreciate the impact this man had on our lives through his leadership, his foresight, his humor, and his singular vision that has served as a guide for so many into the enlightening realm of skepticism.

12 comments to Perry

  • I miss Perry. Once in a while I go back and listen to an old episode of the SGU just to listen to Perry.

    Here’s a link to some mp3 files of my favourite Perry quotes:


  • I was having trouble coming up with a sentiment that would fit Perry’s world view, so instead of something trite like “rest in peace,” I’ll just say Monkey > Bird

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  • I miss Perry more than I could ever express. I miss his blunt friendship, his inappropriate jokes and most of all, I miss the amazing human being he was, and just how brave he was in the face of scleroderma.

    Perry made living life look easy. I’ll be forever grateful for his friendship.

  • Nick Andrew

    I started listening to SGU about 6 months ago, from episode 1. I was very sad to hear of Perry’s death. It is consoling however, that you have a couple of years of podcast recordings to preserve his memory, his unique personality and immortalise him as a skeptic of considerable note.

    On this 3rd anniversary it is timely of me to ask who is taking care of http://www.perrydeangelis.org, because there are some links which need maintaining. The “Official SGU Website Tribute” redirects to the main SGU page now, not to a Perry tribute, and the link under that to “NeuroLogica Blog” gets a 404 error.

    The Neurologica link should go to http://www.theness.com/neurologicablog/?p=647

    The purplecrow link should go to

    Also after donating to the Perry DeAngelis Memorial Fund with paypal the redirect goes to http://www.theskepticsguide.org/ecommerce/general_success.asp%3f…..
    which is not found so generates a 404 error.

  • stewdapew

    The first episode of the SGU I ever listened to was the Perry Memorial. About 4 months after I began listening to all of the episodes starting with the first. Needless to say I grew very fond of Perry, his views and style.

    He is dearly missed. Thank you for keeping his memories alive.

    Vaughn Stewart

  • Curtis Renwick

    It was a strange day. I started listening to the SGU after Perry’s death. I was making my way through the old episodes in order and knew it was coming. I remember it well, I was sitting at my desk at work, I did not think it would affect me like it did, it was a real loss. I felt like I knew him and I was sad.

    It’s weird how you can think you can know someone you have never met.

    Anyway, I miss him on the show and sad I will never actually meet him.

    “I have monkeys in my pants” – love it.

  • Cobey

    I wish I could have hung out with all of you guys, sitting around listening to all of the hilarious/insightful things Perry had to say. He was trulya great human being. Monkey > bird

  • halincoh

    As I skimmed through the posts I couldn’t help but smile. So many of these serious, heartfelt posts were accompanied by silly avatars, photos, or clips. My favorite was Mrs B’s bouncing cat head. I think Perry would have enjoyed the irony.

  • halincoh

    And then I re-read yours, Evan , and suddenly there were tears. Well done, my friend, well done.

  • Blaine

    Monkey > Bird indeed.

  • Sintesi

    Man I liked Perry and I still miss him too.

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