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Geek Fashion Crimes

The debate about wearing cell phones on the hip and fanny packs continues. These are just specific examples of the broader war – fashion vs function. Of course, when both of these goals can be achieved simultaneously, everyone is happy. But often we need to compromise a little fashion for a little function. It seems that men are more willing to make this compromise than women, especially technophiles.

In fact, one might argue that the very image of a “nerd” is an exercise in the complete sacrifice of fashion for function, although some might argue that there was never any fashion to sacrifice.

In any case, listener David Baldwin recently sent me a link to this article – the worst fashion crimes of men. I suppose his attention was drawn to the picture of the New York tourist sporting an oversized fanny pack.

But if you look at the actual survey you will find no mention of cell phones or fanny packs. At best these “fashion crimes” are relegated to the “other” column, which only garnered 2%. Those who voted for “other” were invited to specify in the comments. Reading through I could find very few mentions of fanny packs (maybe they are such an obvious or outdated choice that people did not bother). One commenter wrote:

“it is better to wear a fanny pack thanto have everything bulging out of your pockets……..”

That was probably a guy. What about cell phones? The comments were rather accepting:

“my boyfriend has a phone clipped to his belt, but thats cause he is a techie, so there. not to mention, its practical, and i couldnt imagine him not having it.”

Hmmm… Maybe geek culture is making some headway. As for me, I will keep the cell phone on my hip. You cannot take that away from me. Fashion be damned.

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