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From Podcast To Broadcast

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5 comments to From Podcast To Broadcast

  • klox

    Awesome! Congratulations. I new SGU would make it to outer space some day. Maybe you could ask XM to point the antenna away from the earth for a few minutes and give the aliens some good discussions for once.

  • Über-cool. Should be interesting to see how it affects the number of podcast downloads & website hits.

  • gr8googlymoogly

    Congratulations, SGU!!!! Almost makes me want to spring for XM…. almost.

  • Jim Shaver

    I concur, that’s great news, Evan and rogues! You won’t forget us when you’re rich and famous, will you?

  • Horse

    Next step: This Week in Skepticism on the TWiT network for a full video broadcast!

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