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From Podcast To Broadcast

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe is now a broadcast. We make our debut as such this coming Saturday night on XM Radio’s America’s Channel 158 at 8pm Eastern time, which will be our regular occurring weekly airtime.

To our podcast listeners, I say “Don’t Panic!” We are still releasing the show as podcast through all of the same methods you currently enjoy (our website, iTunes, Zune, etc.) In fact, the radio broadcast will only be 60 minutes, but podcast listeners will still receive the full 80 minutes to which they are accustomed.

We are very excited at this extraordinary opportunity to spread skepticism over the “airwaves” (or in this case, “satellite transmissions”.) We hope to introduce skepticism to a fresh listening audience that is largely unaware of the skeptical movement, especially those that are accustomed to hearing the ramblings of the hosts on shows like “Coast to Coast” or the “Alex Jones Radio Show”. We want to introduce those listeners to other, more rational, more logical, and more critical ways to analyze news, claims, and stories.

We are also looking upon this opportunity as the first step down a much longer and broader path of exposure. There is no reason for us to become content with this newly achieved level of communication. We are continuing to strive forward with goals of achieving a level of mainstream recognition on par with some of the biggest names in broadcasting. There is no reason to aim for anything less – skepticism is that powerful and that important. 

Skepticism is going mainstream, and we are proud to help carry that banner into the public’s consciousness and discourse.  So if any of our podcast listeners are also XM Radio customers, please tune in each Saturday night and enjoy The SGU on the wireless!

5 comments to From Podcast To Broadcast

  • klox

    Awesome! Congratulations. I new SGU would make it to outer space some day. Maybe you could ask XM to point the antenna away from the earth for a few minutes and give the aliens some good discussions for once.

  • Über-cool. Should be interesting to see how it affects the number of podcast downloads & website hits.

  • gr8googlymoogly

    Congratulations, SGU!!!! Almost makes me want to spring for XM…. almost.

  • Jim Shaver

    I concur, that’s great news, Evan and rogues! You won’t forget us when you’re rich and famous, will you?

  • Horse

    Next step: This Week in Skepticism on the TWiT network for a full video broadcast!

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