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Christopher Hitchens leaves us…

An authentic original. An uncompromising independent, roguish and brilliant, and one of the brightest lights in the world today. Christopher Hitchens died Thursday night at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston of pneumonia, following his epic battle with cancer. He was 62.

His bestseller God is Not Great is what propelled Hitchens into the public spotlight for many. For me, Hitchens was the guy who — even when I disagreed with him — I always respected. His knowledge was encyclopedic. His passion was vitriolic.

Thank you for your words, strength, and fearlessness, Mr. Hitchens. We are, as a culture, so addicted to confirmation bias, and yet you came out of the gate swinging without regard for petty blue corners or red corners. You were a warrior in the cause of the rational. You were a champion for skepticism without borders.

You will be missed so much, Hitch. 


“There will never be another like Christopher. A man of ferocious intellect, who was as vibrant on the page as he was at the bar. Those who read him felt they knew him, and those who knew him were profoundly fortunate souls.” 

— Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter.

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