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1652 Reasons To Love TAM

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3 comments to 1652 Reasons To Love TAM

  • halincoh

    I had no intention of coming to TAM this year – too many obligations, too many events that were non negotiable. But I came at the last moment. I came because of the speakers. I came because I wanted to be at a bacon and donut party. I came because I wanted to see my friends and meet new friends. I’m certain I will have the same conflicts next year as well. And I will come again to TAM. Because this is my community. These are my people. Because this is oh so good.

  • Bear

    I wish I could have attended, as I do each year since joining the skeptic community 4 years ago. Unfortunately, budget constraints will make that unlikely for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, I’ll continue to make due with the SGU’s excellent coverage. I’m very much looking forward to the TAM9 interviews.

    Thanks for your heartfelt recollections, Evan. They almost make me feel like I was there.

  • RyanJLind

    I was unable to attend due to a lack of finances, but, no joke, I have opened a separate savings account in which I am going to start stashing money away so I can make it next year.

    Or maybe there needs to be a TAM Vancouver? 🙂

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