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Synthetic Cell Celebration

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4 comments to Synthetic Cell Celebration

  • Drum Billet

    What about the potential military applications?

    Could they create biological weapons that only kill people with certain traits?

    I know it’s cynical, but it’s quite a scary thought.

  • Nevar

    I wish I could be “nanorized” before my time to expire arrives; live on as a machine.

  • eean

    @Drum not really, I mean so we can sequence whatever we want and start growing a cell that follows the generated DNA.

    But we still don’t really “speak” DNA. Our understanding is still essentially copying-and-pasting existing genes. And actually we could already mix and match genes in bacteria.

    Right now mostly this seems interesting from a research perspective. It can answer “I wonder what happens to this protein if we change this and that base pair”. So it will cool in 10 years when your average university lab will maybe be able to work with this technology.

  • scienceandreason

    I applaud the effort to better understand the mechanisms of life, and I’d really like to see lab-generated self-replicating life demonstrated someday (just to piss off the religious crowd), but all this DNA/nano engineering talk sometimes gives me the willies. Thankfully I’ll be stardust long before this brave new world, with a distinct dark underbelly, manifests itself in a significant way.

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