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Spray-On Glass: Coming Soon To……Everything?

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17 comments to Spray-On Glass: Coming Soon To……Everything?

  • Is there a limit to the materials it will stick to? Can it be used to coat non-stick surfaces like teflon I wonder. It does sound exciting and I am looking forward to seeing its first commercial applications (no pun intended!)

  • I’m sure there are limits to what it will stick to…teflon is probably at the top of the list!

  • eean

    I’m guessing its pretty expensive though? Especially given that the example was a wedding dress and not a pair of jeans.

  • Techskeptic


    Teflon can stick to glass

    There is a lot to how its applied. Who knows if “spray on” will do the trick.

  • plob218

    Did anyone else hear Billy Mays’ voice while reading this? “IT MAKES YOUR SEEDS GROW FASTER, STRONGER, AND BIGGER THAN EVER! YOURS FOR ONLY $19.95!” But honestly, it does sound like an incredible product. Here’s hoping it comes to fruition in some form in the near future.

  • It’s already available in Germany.

  • When somebody gonna invent spray on ASS?

  • Cain

    Couldn’t this also be applied to teeth?

  • Cobey Cobb

    Holy Crap! This stuff sounds amazing. I have a feeling it will be everywhere in the next couple of years.

    Finally I will be able to travel back to Roswell 1947 and have a can of spray-on glass that will coat my body with army attire. Toilets will be so clean you can eat off of them, and I plan to!!

  • John Draeger

    Okay, sounds great. But maybe the silica will flake off, and maybe in very small particles, which if inhaled might pose a health threat. Steve probably learned about silicosis in medical school somewhere and perhaps he had the same initial response to this spray-on glass as I did. Read the Wiki. article on silicosis if you haven’t heard of it.

  • Drum Billet


    It’s apparently only going to be about £5 a bottle (~$8) when it comes to the UK.

  • I was also wondering how sturdy it would be. If you cover a wedding dress with an incredibly thin layer of glass, how is it not going to crack into minuscule shards when you dance around?

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  • Jim Shaver

    Nice article, Jay. Thanks.

    BTW, 100,000 nanobeers is only one ten-thousandth of a beer. For some reason, I guess I thought you and Bob partied better than that. :)

  • Because the glass is so thin..we are talking 30 or less molecules must be pliable. From what I read you can’t even see that the product has been applied. Keep in mind that none of these claims have been vetted.

  • Jim.. man I was off by a few zeros. Being that I usually drink 40′s I was WAY off!

  • John Draeger

    This is a late comment, but I thought it necessary to clarify my earlier comment.

    Respirable silica is only hazardous if it’s crystalline. It doesn’t appear to be crystalline from the photo – looks amorphous – so it may be completely safe even if it does flake off in small respirable-sized particles. It’s been approved for use in Germany, and apparently the UK, so there’s a good chance it will be approved in other countries as well.

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