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Scientists create miniature Big Bang (so, like a Small Pop)

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4 comments to Scientists create miniature Big Bang (so, like a Small Pop)

  • Jsug

    I’ve read a couple stories about the lead ion collision, but I have yet to find any mention of what energy level they were able to achieve. Anybody know?

  • Mchl

    Jsug: I was expecting the energy to be similar to proton-proton collisions (true, masses are higher, but is the equipment capable of actually delivering and sustaining more energy?)
    It seems I was wrong, since the article linked below quotes the energy on 287TeV level (and LHC-will-destroy-the-world-freaks multiply it by 10 😛 )

  • Jsug

    Yeah, it had been mentioned previously that the early proton beam tests were just scratching the surface of what the collider was designed for, and that they would be ramping up the energy levels over time.

    Thanks for the link!

  • HighVis

    Brian, Brian… the security would be needed for a Resonance Cascade

    /pedant mode off

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