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Natural Beauty

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3 comments to Natural Beauty

  • I’m a big fan of this video. It really caught me when I first saw it, and I’ve loved sharing it with others.

    It’s been SLIGHTLY marred for me, though, by the recent knowledge that the Nautilus shell is, in fact, NOT representative of the Fibonacci Sequence, contrary to everything we usually hear. Here’s one site that details how a person came to this finding: http://www.shallowsky.com/blog/science/fibonautilus.html

    According to the Golden Spiral Wikipedia entry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_spiral) they do represent a logarithmic spiral, but not one related to the Fibonacci sequence.

    Having said that (and assuming my sources are correct, which is definitely an assumption), this video is still gorgeous and a great introduction to the beauty of math and nature.

  • Bear

    A wonderful video! I’m going to watch it with my kids. They’re 10 and 6, and I’ve been trying to get them to understand the beauty of math. Thanks for the link, Evan.

  • vanadamme

    That was stunning. I was seriously disappointed when it finished because I wanted to watch more. All of my maths classes will be watching that tomorrow.

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