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Michele Bachmann: Vaccines cause mental retardation

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2 comments to Michele Bachmann: Vaccines cause mental retardation

  • Vance

    “Governor and presidential hopeful Rick Perry has been taking heat for his executive order that young women be offered Gardasil to inoculate against the virus linked to cervical cancer.”

    I hate it when someone I thoroughly abhor does something admirable. Shakes me from my comfortable black/white world and makes expend the effort to remember that people are not really only caricatures.

  • Jim Shaver

    Vance: Governor Perry, possibly the most blatently anti-science presidential candidate in the race, may have made a reasonable, thoughtful, pro-science decision when he created an executive order requiring girls in Texas to get the HPV vaccine. However, before thowing any admiration his way, realize that the order was overturned by the Texas state legislature, and Perry has now completely reversed himself on the issue, saying that he made a mistake when he signed the order in the first place.

    As for Perry’s original intentions regarding the vaccine order, it might be relevant that the vaccine lobbyist working for the vaccine manufacturer at the time was and is a strong political friend and huge fund-raiser for Perry.

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